Random winner!

Since this was all about Random Acts of Kindness, I felt like using Random. org was in order. I divided up the report into 66 unique acts of kindness Smile ( in other words if you counted number of individual acts it would be many more-isn’t that awesome! ) Well we had 65, but Eden posted number 66 this morning in the comments. Go read what she did! You rock Eden-and I have to say I kind of love that you left it at the wrong house, because that made it truly random and it is very possible that it was just the lift that a new mom needed on that very day and that family will never forget it. So cool.
Ok can I first just say, that I loved and hated doing this because there is not a single soul on this list who I don’t feel deserves to receive something wonderful, who I am not touched and inspired by. Who I don’t love. Who I don’t want to do something really nice for. Not a one of you.  And perhaps, in time I will figure out a way to get something nice to each one of you. Again, I can’t thank you all enough. For those of you who preferred to keep your names and acts more private, I love you too. Smile
Anyway without further ado..the number was…
Which means that the legendarily kind Carolyn is the winner. 
Anyone who knows beautiful Carolyn, knows that she is kindness and consideration personified.  Carolyn is one of the most key components in our “parenting 5 kids more or less competently” support group. She is a ROCK. Without Carolyn, we just could not do it. I think of her as family. My fellow 1/2 Greek sister from another mister. Despite the fact that she has 4 kids of her own and works full time, I lean on her heavily, (I know…I suck), but she never ever makes me feel as if I am beholden to her or that we ask too much of her.  After all she had done for me on the week of my birthday, she texted me (texted!) me a list of 37 things she loves about me.  She was at a soccer game at the time. A game she had taken my kid to. I laughed, I cried and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have a friend like her.  Carolyn makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world, even though the entire world is her friend. She is the most unflappable, sweet, warm, patient KIND person you could ever hope to know, (and she manages to keep a wicked sense of humor and be all kinds of fun too) Gosh it makes me happy to give her something special. Can’t wait.
Have you found that the RAOK thing is really addictive? I have. Too fun!

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