Scenes from Valentine’s Day 2013 Edition

So here’s a little pictorial recap of our sugary day.
valentines dinner
(and from our extended Valentine’s on Sunday Winking smile We had some friends join us for our traditional family meal and it was so much fun!  We had lasagne and garlic bread and a french silk pie. Gracie made us beautiful red sugar rimmed glasses for our sparkling grape juice and we opened little presents and enjoyed a lot of chocolate too(Benj is always afraid of looking too good in a photo-so that’s what the lizard expression is all about.)
Here’s some tired faces (and feet) at the end of Valentine’s Day itself. It was a fun but exhausting day.  Do you like my matching socks (the one thing I like about winter is the fact that you can get away with anything underneath those boots).  Bottom left Ella blows a kiss and then bids me farewell as she goes in search of her own true love…
More random scenes from our Valentine’s Dinner and Valentine’s night and day. The bottom right picture of Ella just breaks my heart for some reason. She is so big yet such a baby.

Valentine’s morning surprises, valentine boxes, our attempt at “heart” hair-styles,  Ella and Shemly survey the day. Ella as has the key to my heart (and van).  (And as you can tell from the NOOOOOOOO” -as in “NOOO WAY! “expression, she was not keen to give it back)
The boys had an orchestra concert on Valentine’s night. It was a lovely way to spend the evening. They did brilliantly. I never fail to be blown away by the calibre of our music program.
I always think Valentine’s day is really pretty silly and commercialized in theory. When people say, “I love Valentine’s Day because I LOVE LOVE I always inwardly roll my eyes because um..we all love love, and it usually has pretty much nothing to do with what happens on Valentine’s Day. (Because love and romance are in my opinion totally different things) but in the end,I ditch my inner grinch. because  I do love the opportunity to bring a little colour and fun into our lives in the middle of such a dreary month. Celebrations are the spice of life and I think it’s a good thing to grab any chance we can to make some fun memories and have an excuse to dress up and set a pretty table and more consciously appreciate time together. 
Not to mention that any holiday which centers around chocolate is ok in my book.
Hope you had a fun one!

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ANH said...

Well, I had a fabulous time with you guys. You know how to throw a lovely dinner party :) You guys are too generous.

I love that you include your children for Valentine's day. I think it is really sweet and something they will look back on and appreciate.

Janet said...

I cannot get enough of Valentine's pictures and yours are lovely, so happy and colorful. I especially love the tulips and milk glass-be still my heart. And, of course, your beautiful children. Valentine's Day is fun...and chocolatey, which makes it a total win in my book. :)