So hey Kirsty…what’s up with the new name and stuff?

(The following blog post should be submitted as a study of rampant Adult-A.D.D)
Yesterday I was sitting on the floor of my living room, very glamorous in my red pajamas with the little scotty dogs running around on them, doing a “MIMI-mouse” puzzle with Ella, and wondering how I was going to avoid cleaning my house for yet another day.. when lo and behold like an answer to wonderings,   my friend Amanda dropped by to donate all sorts of cool and random stuff . Like tupperware that actually have lids, and super cool pens that make you want to write poetry on things, and all these beautiful journals that give you the excuse to use your super cool pens to write lists even if you don’t write poetry,  and even a nifty new purse in wintery colours, so that I can retire my $3 Goodwill special which looks as if it has seen better days (because it no doubt has in fact, seen better days). And a cookie jar with glass oreos  stuck on the outside of it, which caused poor Ella considerable distress, “Is STUCK MOMMY! HEWP! Want BITE mommy…IS STUUUUCK!!”  You don’t want to come between that kid and an oreo. Just saying.
So that was fun. Being the mother of five in a mostly single income home, doesn’t give you the freedom that you might like to indulge in tupperware with the lids that stack, and pens with ink that flows like unicorn tears, and beautiful notebooks and journals that fill your soul just to gaze upon them. (All of which I frequently pine over at TJ Maxx, and stroke lovingly, and wistfully,  and then walk away from, feeling bereft).
ANYWAYS as they say (when they have really bad grammar)….we got to chatting. As one does.  And the subject of blogging came about.
Amanda has just started a new blog (you should check it out, and follow! It’s super purty and she’s really clever and you will see in just a moment).
Somehow we got onto the topic of revamping my blog and such, and I’m not sure where the conversation turned, but the next thing I know, I’m buying domain names and rethinking everything about my life, the universe and everything in it.
Apart from the (unnecessary) unpleasantness that has occurred over the fact that the name of my blog is not as unique as I had believed it to be, I have been feeling for gosh…a very long while now that the name of my blog is really not all that indicative of what the content has become. When I started the blog I intended it to be short essays on motherhood with a humorous spin, and well, apparently I am way too narcissistic and introspective to leave at that. Now it’s all about me.  Kind of. Sometimes. Most of the time….. OK FINE.
So as Amanda and I sat perusing available domain names on (who by the way aren’t sponsoring this post, but I just wanted the chance to say…that Superbowl ad? Ew gross! Am I right? That’s some effective advertising. Nice going  Totally gross but you took care of business alright.
Where was I….? (ADD) OK so anyway,  Amanda is really clever at turning a phrase. She was the one who came up with “lemon-limelight” for the lemon/lime soda label for the much referred to Hollywood Party Extravaganza.  It was genius. Genius I say! I really can’t get over how impressed I am with ourselves over the soda labels. You may have noticed.
(you knew that was going to happen).
OK so! (yeah I don’t have ADD at all!!!) I told her that I wanted to keep “Momedy “up front and center since it was my original baby and I’ve spent a really long time and quite a bit of effort in building some name recognition and gathering a bit of a following and well…it’s a part of me. Like an elbow…or an ear-lobe.
Momedy.central was taken- much to our despair. WHY WHY WHYYYYYY? After we cried about that for a few hours, we moved on and Amanda started throwing around names that went with “Comedy”. Momedy-Club.  Yeah…I dunno…it sounds a bit cliquey and maybe twee. I’m not into that whole “mommies are part of a special club” ickiness, and I didn’t want to give that impression. Momedy-hour.  Meh.  Momedy scene…well it’s ok but a bit random.  Then she threw out Sketch.  Momedy Sketch.  As well as the clever play on words (and a nod to the fact that I’m fond of humour), it totally, totally summed up what my blog really is. Sketches of my life.  Little bits of this and little bits of that…often random and mundane experiences that I put together into a piece of writing and toss out into the cyber-space.
I liked it, I loved it, I wanted more of it… (something you may have noticed about me is that once I get started on a catchy phrase, I’ve got to see that thing through….)
And So! A domain was born, a facebook fan page was renamed, and I got all sorts of stressed out and confused about rerouting and masking and rubbishy technical-ly stuff I really don’t like to think about.  I stayed in my scotty dog PJ’s ‘til like 4:30pm in the end.  But Now! Lo!  If you google  this here bloggity blog page will come up! What fun! (The old address will also reach me, so that’s nice too.) Hey! By the way… I’m thinking maybe you should change my address in your reader now, while you are thinking about it, because I would ultimately like to host my site myself and I couldn’t bear it if we were separated.
So! Sorry you asked? Oh you didn’t ask? Well this is awkward.  But anyway. What do you think? Be gentle. I.e: only tell me what I want to hear.

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ANH said...

It's amazing the amount of work you can get done, and the gobs of creativity that can flow while in pajamas...

Still loving it!