And these are the times when it behooveth one to laugh..

Sometimes it’s raining and it’s Tuesday and your back hurts and your stomach hurts and it’s really grey and cold, and you just can’t get warm,  you just got done hearing about how the massive tree looming menacingly over your house is really, really, irrevocably dead (“yep, that’s the deadest tree I have ever seen!”) and you (and/or your property) are in imminent danger of said tree crashing down upon it, (“yep any time now” ) and also did I mention that it is virtually impossible to get close enough to said tree to remove it, (“yep that is the most inaccessible tree I have ever seen!”)  without first removing the house, the neighbour’s houses, the gazebo and your garage.  And if (!!) indeed you do, (but surely only by divine intervention),manage to get close enough to remove it, the pieces of it (the massive, exceedingly dead pieces)  will no doubt fall upon your house, your neighbour’s houses, your deck, your gazebo and for good measure…your garage.
Oh that once charming shade tree, now irrevocably deceased,  is going to cost you some big money to remove. (If indeed you do, miraculously, figure out a way to remove it.)   Some big, big money.  Not to mention all the money in replacing the houses, desks, gazebos and garages.. Money which you (obviously) don’t have. I imagine that even rich people are bummed when they have to use their money to do something so totally unrewarding as removing a dead tree. Damn you emerald ash borer. Damn you to hell.
At times like this, I find that it is best to focus on funnier matters.
Such as this blog post.  Oh dear me. How I laughed. Whilst squirming uncomfortably since I identified so completely. I too was a weird little kid/adolescent. I’m sure this shocks you since I have developed into such a thoroughly normal and well adjusted adult...
Given half the chance I am quite confident that my sweet daughter Gracie would develop an obsession heretofore unparalleled. (It is for this reason that I have so far shielded her from the slippery slope of the empty tic tac box. It’s the gateway to a dangerous addiction, the first step to seeing her on a Hoarders episode in about 2022. Of this I have no doubt.)
And this movie. You know how most movies put together a 2 minute montage of their funniest stuff for their trailer? Well this one really showed some unfortunate restraint in that regard. I.e: the trailer is totally lame and unfunny in comparison to the movie. Trust me.It.Is.So.Hilarious. 

And this blast from the past. A couple of summers ago, Ellabeth found herself in a bike basket with Nathan at the helm. The similarities are quite uncanny I think. I like to call it “EB Phone home”. Poor Ellabeth.
And then there’s this:
which is not unlike my mother who this week wrote on my wall “ please send me a friend request, and I will happily accept!”
But what my mom lacks in social media savvy she makes up for in general coolness. When I saw this it was impossible not to see her in about 30 years or so…

And then of course, there’s Ella who makes me laug all day, every day. She found the iPhone costume we made for Finny a couple of years ago, and she was terribly dismayed when the youtube icon would not yield “buppies”.
How is your Tuesday going?  What are you laughing at lately?

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Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom said...

Ugh. Our first house, aka the only house we could afford, was doomed with big trees that needed trimming and always invaded our plumbing. I look back and can't believe we escaped with our sanity and wallets intact! Good luck, friend. :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, mama. That last picture was just what this mama needed. It's been a long day over here, full of tantrums (mine) and tears (theirs). Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter, might I remind you that my comment on your wall was in response to YOUR request for me to accept you as a friend??
LOVED the picture of Ella in the bike basket. I agree, the similarity is uncanny. Nathan, however, is not as cool as the kid in the movie!