5 Wonders This Wednesday

Oh dear, it’s been a week…and I’m quickly spiraling down that “I haven’t written so long and there’s too much to write about so I just won’t” rabbit hole which is ironic because I haven’t written only because I was not stirred to do so, nothing struck me as "blog-worthy”.
But because I need to stay in the habit here’s a bit of what’s wonderful here this week. There are daffodils in my turquoise pottery cups (50c at Goodwill) on my window silldafs2
1. I’ve been/am particularly cranky lately but my family have been kind and understanding. And a couple of tulips have bloomed along with the daffodils.
2. I’m running again. Well…I’m shuffling…wuffling. I do sometimes think I walk faster than I run. In fact I’m fairly confident that this is true right now.  But it feels so great!  My friend Cindi and I did a run for Sexual Assault Awareness on Saturday and a run for Boston on Monday with the kids. They did so well!
3. We’ve been watching Gabe running track meets. He's been running the 1600m (1 mile) and 800 m (1/2 mile).  He asked me what my time was for the 5K on Saturday and when I told him he said, “oh wow mom! That’s really good! Only 12 minutes slower than my time!”. And he was being genuine. Sweet boy.  He is always so delighted to see Ella (and her baby) and any of his events. It’s the cutest thing.
4.We finally got the dead tree cut down. See the guy up there in the bucket?  It took two full days and now our backyard is buried in logs but it’s a relief that we’re not the ones buried. Y’know? The guy said the top of the tree was a lot weaker than he thought it was so we feel blessed.
5. We’ve seen glimpses of the sun a day here and there. It was special.  I love that Ella is so enamored of the outdoors.  Her delight in the sun and “pitty fowers” and blades of grass and tiny rocks and “puppies” and ‘buddies” (bunnies) is infectious.
I also had to restrain myself from laughing out loud as she would go down the slide, get up move away from it and then carefully arrange herself until she felt she was in a tragic enough looking position. Whereupon she would check to see whether I was looking and then say wanly in a quavery little voice, “I okay”.
What was wonderful in your world this week?

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mikecarmen98 said...

Ella is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Loved everything that was wonderful on your Wednesday! The "pitty flowers" and the tres "pitty" little girl. She is SO beautiful. Loved the last picture of her in particular. How brave - that scary slide!!