Check Save A Life Off Of Your Bucket List or Why I Decided to Keep Blogging.

On Thursday I talked about how I came perilously close to shutting down my blog last month until I received an invitation to do something really meaningful with it. Today I’m delighted to tell you about that and invite you to join me in giving a kid (or many kids) a literal shot at life.
In case you were unaware, this week is World Immunization week,the perfect time to talk about the importance of global vaccinations.

Every 20 seconds a child dies of a disease which could have been prevented through immunization. A mere twenty dollars will provide a child all the immunizations they need for a lifetime. That’s 20 bucks to save a life.
Sounds like a no brainer to me!
The wonderful Nicole of Sisters From Another Mister has teamed up with the United Nations Foundation’s  Shot@Life campaign to get the word out.
I am so honoured to be one of 20 bloggers that she has invited to assist her in doing this. Here we are!
sisters shot@life meme
Each one of us, like each one of you,  is looking to make a difference in the world and so in addition to donating funds toward this initiative,  from  May 8 until the 18th, in honour of Mother’s Day, we will each be linking up and sharing our stories about motherhood.  Because we believe every mom deserves the chance to have access to the basic resources necessary to raise a healthy child.
Clicking on each blogger’s photo between May 8-18th will take you to their post about motherhood. In addition to setting some time aside to read and share these stories (there are some incredible writers in this group!) we hope you will write your own story and come back between May 8th - 18th to link it up on the main page to share with us all.
We know that together our words can raise a greatly increased awareness for the need for global vaccination support and raise the critical funds which can so easily save a child’s life.
So to recap:
Between May 8-18, click on each photo in the grid and visit each blogger’s page. Read our stories, share them, tweet them, comment on them and then write your own story to share.
Write it about being a mom, having a mom, knowing a mom, what being a mom means to you, about wanting to be a mom. Write about your mom friends, or a mom who makes a difference.
Did we mention the prizes? Every person who links or comments will be eligible to win some great prizes! And every person who links, comments or shares will know that they are making a positive and tangible difference.
Please make a donation in order to link or comment. The minimum donation to comment is $1, the minimum donation to link up your post is $10. You can start donating right now by clicking on Nicole’s Shot@Life Team ImmUNITY page and every donation is tax deductible. 
Thank you so much for your support!

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Tina @ Life Without Pink said...

I'm so happy to be part of this and doing some "social good". So great to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better!

Kelly said...

GREAT idea to have a PIN on the photo!! I totally pinned it! :)

Robyn Wright of said...

I'm glad to work on this project with you and glad you didn't shut down your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful initiative! How do I donate from Down South?

ANH said...

This is so awesom, Kirsty! What a wonderful opportunity. I love how you use your blog for good. It is refreshing and admirable and I just plain love it.


Sisters from Another Mister said...

because together we can do some amazing things! So glad to have you on board ... we are pretty awesome xxx