Easter Pictorial-2013 Edition

Due to popular demand here is our annual family matchy matching Stepford photo. I think people ask to see this so they can laugh at us. It’s ok. I know it’s cheesy. But it pleases me so. Whatevs.  So, without further ado, here’s a less than flattering photo (of everyone but Ella-which is ironic since Ella is largely responsible for at least 2 of us looking bleary and blood-shot.) Not sure why my children feel the need to smile away their eyes whenever we have a group shot. But there you have it. I hope you people are happy.
Here are the children with eyes open..well most of them. Do you like my creative efforts to hide the parked car? Due to Ella being “on the go” this photo was taken very hurriedly or I might have noticed that Benjamin had egg like growths coming off of his person. No matter.
We had a really lovely Easter. The weather improved enough so that we could have our hunt outside without freezing or getting wet and muddy. It was the ugliest Easter ever (no flowers, leaves or even much green grass yet, but hey, at least it wasn’t snowing!) To me, Easter is the most picturesque of all the holidays (even the ugliest Easter ever) and so of course, there are about a million pictures…
One would never have guessed that this child^^ had about 3 hours of sleep the night before. She totally GOT IT this year and she was sooo excited when we woke her up from her very abbreviated nap and told her it was time to go find “chockit”. Truly is that not every woman’s dream come true. Come my child…awaken and let us go forth and hunt for chocolate and sugar of all manner.
Her smug little smile is one of my favourite things about being alive.
I know, I know there are a LOT of Ella photos, but she was a lot easier to keep up with…and her pure delight just makes me so happy.
Also making me happy…those cute little frilly bums in the air reminding me of pictures from this yearand this one
sisters are doing it for themselves ^^
^^^^Gracie is gravely concerned about egg equality..or something. ^^ Benj  helps Finny (brotherly love is not dead).
Ella can scarcely contain her glee ^^^^            Harvesting chocolate carrots ^^^^

^^Here baby let me help you find some easter eggs! ^^ GIMME THAT CHOCOLATE, KID.
^^^The way she held her little basket on her arm like that…oh….I almost ate her. It reminded me of this: (her daddy clearly trained her well). I seriously can’t believe that 2 years ago she was just barely born..she is such a little lady
My five little chickies all in a row..why must they grow up so fast? Why? Why?
I love them so.
^^^a brave bug and a cowardly chickie hide from impending doom…
Big brothers are the best.
A brief interlude before we joined friends for another hunt. Gracie and Benj help Ella examine her haul (or perhaps they are stealing candy from a baby? !Nah. I do not doubt their motives. They are exceedingly doting big siblings. In the end she scored far more off of them than vice versa)
Then…some of us “orphans” (those without extended family in the vicinity) gathered for an amazingly delicious Easter lunch and a big hunt
How cute are these kids?
easter crowd
^^^Proof that you are never too old  (or cool)  to hunt for sugar….vvv
And to make Easter extra special this year, our beautiful little niece, Olivia (my baby brother Luke and his wife Sandra’s first baby),  who was 5 weeks premature, was able to go home with her mom and dad on Easter Sunday. Isn’t she sooo teeny and cute in her carseat?  (clutching her little Easter egg Winking smile )
Click to see scenes from Easter’s gone by..
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More on the spiritual side of Easter tomorrow. It really was one of my most uplifting/enlightening Easters.

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Joan Moon said...

I love to see the updates and oh what memories you will have of sharing these special days with friends...your Ohio family...we still recall similar times with our Wyoming "family"~

ANH said...

It was such a good day! You took a pic of my fruit salad!!! :) Good food, yum.

You all are just so freaking beautiful.


Anonymous said...

You are right! Your grass is amazing! What is it?? Looks like the stuff they have at the classy gyms and sell for R25 a shot (the size of a tot glass). Supposed to do wonderful things for your energy levels. Lucerne? Something like that. Your kids are gorgeous, and I LOVE the outfits. The girls dresses are the best! Ella is of course just the cutest, but they are all just eye candy, from Biggest to Smallest! Well done on stunning outfits and kids.