Sometimes I don’t want to blog anymore…

this picture which I took on my iphone when I was not driving, is totally random. Onwards.
In the last few months I have given serious consideration to ditching the whole blogging thing. There’s the vulnerability of it which strikes you at inopportune moments. There’s the second guessing over whether it really is the best thing for the family. There’s the suspicion that I could be a lot more productive around the house without it.  Sometimes there’s just the sense of being over it because I’m lazy, I’m not really socially inclined, ..and I’m lazy.
There was some ambivalence because it seemed like a wasted opportunity. To close something down that had the potential to be a good thing, to be a helpful thing. To be a productive and prosperous and uplifting thing for myself and others.  I knew I loved the journaling aspect of it and would forever be grateful for that, and so I decided that I would maintain that part-just privately. (Although I suspected  knew that I would not have the discipline to update nearly as diligently without an audience or sponsorship opportunities.)
So on Easter weekend I had just about decided that I was going to shut it down. In fact if I shut down the blog there was no justification for not shutting down the entire social media scene.  Facebook, twitter..all of it. Maybe not forever but for a good long while. Clean slate. Ahhh.
(Except maybe instagram. Instagram is a happy place. No issues with instagram. )
And I was at peace with that. Actually I was more than at peace. I was excited. I couldn’t wait to get started on my new life sans social media. I just knew it was going to be more peaceful and productive and simple and sane.
Then a friend asked me if I’d put it to prayer. Well D’uh! Yeah. Captain Obvious of course I have…n’t. I realized that I had never specifically asked if this was what God wanted me to do.My prayers had been vague in this department. I had just assumed that He would have thought that devoting more time to my family and running my home would be A-OK. And so I asked. I asked if He thought I should proceed with blogging publicly and if I should, if He would please be so kind as to offer me a clear purpose for doing so. If I was supposed to do this, then I wanted to do it.
That evening I received an invitation for an opportunity which made it clear to me that I was to keep blogging, at least for a while. Social media is a lot of fun (and sometimes no fun at all) but it also has such a potential for incredible good and I’m really excited to have been invited to plug into something I believe to be a really spectacular use of my time and my tiny space in cyberspace. I hope you will check out the blog on Monday to see how you can get involved too.  Hint: life changing, life saving. You can be a hero and it’s not hard at all.

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ANH said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad that you put the issue to prayer and also glad that wonderful opportunities have found you.

I appreciate your blog, so I would be sad to see it go, however I have the privilege of having you in real life, so it wouldn't be so bad... but whichever way Heavenly Father directs you, I know you will be awesome at it.


Tara (Nerdgirlmom) said...

I ask myself a lot of the same questions repeatedly. I am new to reading your blog, and I already like it, so I am glad to hear that you are sticking around! I really enjoyed reading your about me section, and I'm looking forward to hearing your big announcement!

Anonymous said...

So glad you decided to stay with it. Apart from the fact that it keeps me in the loop with what is going on in your life and that of my grandchildren because you know how I hate FB, I think it would have been a waste of great talent. Also, time is like water. Take your hand out of a bucket of water and the space that it occupied is gone. I am pretty sure you would not have been able to do much more housework for very long. For a while you hang onto the extra time and then it is gone and you just find you are doing less with your day. Well, that has been my experience.

Jessica Watson said...

I ask myself this way too often too. I'm glad you decided to keep on blogging. I'm trying to find a better balance with it all and hope that it will make it work but I'm sure I'll go through the same crisis in another month or so.