Wonderful World Wednesday

Here are a few little and big things that are wonderful in my world today:
<3 This little girl showing her “Mimi” mouse the flowers in the early morning sunshine. Her sweet little voice, saying “Wook Mammy, fowers sooo pitty!” The way she reaches down to let Mimi smell each flower. The way she spreads out her hands when she talks about something that is delightful to her or when she is explaining something. Her tiny pony tail (she’s very proud of it), her little bubble bum, her sweet little red shoes, her rosebud mouth, her pudgy hand.  Sometimes I get so caught up in frustration over opening yet another expensive yoghurt tube-that she asked for most emphatically and then airily refused-the moment the seal was broken that I forget how completely delicious she is in all her non sleeping, non eating glory she is indeed…glorious.
<3 Zappos. Ok stick with me, this is not a sponsored post. I just like that company. I like them so much.  On Monday when all hell broke loose in Boston, I think we were all feeling a bit shell-shocked and disillusioned,  a little bit more broken inside, because of the brutal, in your face reminder of the ugliness human beings can inflict on each other. We all felt it I think. Everywhere I went, people were a little more muted, somber. There was a sad feeling in the air. Not just because of what happened in Boston, but for the fact that it forces many us to reflect on the fact that atrocities like this are happening almost every day around the world, out of the spotlight of the media, no less sickening, no less disheartening, no less tragic.
Continuing with my zappos story..on Monday evening I needed to order some sandals for Ella’s fat little feet. It is finally getting warm on some days and she has nothing that will allow her little toes to roam freely.  I went to the zappos website and ordered some saltwater sandals (yet another wonderful thing about the world…saltwater sandals exist-nope they aren’t sponsoring me either).I had a bit of a hitch with my order and called customer service. Now let me say, I am not a big fan of the phone. I avoid using it at all costs. If there is a call my husband can make, I’m going to ask him to do it. But I never hesitate to call Zappos.  They are my happy place. I’m not a big spender there-they get maybe $40 a year out of me, but they made me a VIP all the same and I always feel that way when I call.
I had no doubt that they would fix my problem AND go the extra mile with genuine cheer and goodwill. And of course they did. The woman I spoke to was smart and personable. Before saying goodbye she told me regretfully that my shoes would not arrive the next day (because I was calling at around 9pm) but I could expect them the day after.  She was wrong, but I’ll let it pass. They did show up the next day. How do they DO that? Did I mention shipping was 100% free? After speaking to them on Monday evening, I wrote them a quick thank you note for making the world, at least my little part of it, a happier place on a dark day. For doing a tiny part to restore faith in humanity. There was no form letter response. The person (Terry-so I’m not sure if it’s a he or a she) who speedily responded told me that it had brought a tear to their eye, they talked about hugging my “little one” so they had obviously taken the time to see what shoe I ordered. That company has soul and I wish all businesses conducted themselves the way they do. It’s a little thing but it’s a big thing and they deserve every bit of success (and free advertising) that they get.
<3Turquoise salt-water sandals on fat little feet. What could be more wonderful?
<3The first tulip in my garden
<3Finding Mrs. Meyers dish-soap on the clearance shelf –1/2 off. Score. I seriously cannot wait to do some dishes. Have I mentioned my passion for natural and aromatherapy cleaning products? I believe I might have.Humans are weird. We deprive ourselves in the strangest ways. We economize on things we use all the time and spend lots on things we use rarely. Maybe it’s ok to splurge on good, healthy, divine smelling cleaning products? Why not make cleaning as fun and soothing as possible? Bonus, these products are kind to you and the earth. They’re not sponsoring me either but they make my world more wonderful.
<3The fact that you can now have instagram photos printed directly from your phone in less than an hour at Walgreens. They are square! So cute! AND they have a 40% off coupon. (Nope, so sponsor here either). I finally have some hard copies of my millions of photos. This makes me inordinately happy.
And finally…
<3Kind and encouraging family and friends-this should have been on the top of the list but I was saving the best for last. People who go out of their way to lift me up when they sense I am down, to reach out and say thoughtful, kind things, who overlook my imperfections and cast light on my strengths, who check in with me daily just to say, “hey, how is your day going?” even when they know they will probably get a long whine about how sleep deprived I am, who really listen without judgment when I vent, who show empathy, who forgive easily, who force me to laugh at myself when I am taking myself too seriously, who empathize with me, who inspire me daily. I love these people and they make the world..not just mine a wonderful place.
Sunshine. It’s out there today. I’m off to make the most of it.
What is making your world wonderful today?

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Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Oh she is truly delightful! Not to mention the flowers!! How do you get it right? What are those cute little blue things? As for the salt water sandals! Too perfect. (Excuse me, but saltwater? Made of? To be worn in?) Lovely story too about the sweet person who responded. I agree. Let's get the heart back into big business. Who knows? Mayb it will rub off on the loons who do such horrible bad things.

Janelle said...

Love... well... SO many things about this. And I love zappos too. Def my favorite online retailer.