Growing up Gracie

You guys. This month. Oy to the V.E.Y.
Too much, too much. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful….it all equals total exhaustion. But just one more day, man…one more day. Today we celebrated Gracie’s DARE graduation. It also serves as a graduation from Elementary school and they ask kids to put together a collage of pictures from their elementary years. This just about undid me. The time. It goes too fast. It offends me. I find it really unfair. HOW. Did.This.Happen? No really. How?
Here she is with the ever awesome Officer/Coach Robin and check it, her “pledge” made it onto the event program! I am going to print out that pledge, laminate it and hang it around her neck.
Ok so anyway, there’s like 5 million things to catch up on and there will be 12 jillion photos of the last few days (and tomorrow to catch up on) after tomorrow, (today actually it’s once again after midnight-gah) but I just couldn’t resist sharing this.  It hurts so good.
And since her 5th grade teacher didn’t make it onto the poster we got her holding the poster which is even better. (Thank you Mrs. Cribbs!)  She really has been a very blessed girl with the teachers she has had. They have all been so kind and caring.
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And here are a couple of bonus shots:
Holy moses, that’s a cute little girl. And she’s so beautiful now. Inside and out. Doesn’t mean I think the whole growing up thing is ok though. Because I don’t.
And now I’m going to bed because tomorrow (today) is going to be a doozie. Totally appropriate way to finish out May.  Verklempt already..
PS: Such an overwhelming response to yesterday’s post….thank you so much. Oh man…I FEEL YOU GUYS! It’s amazing how much so many of us have in common without even knowing it. You are so not alone. Each email has touched and humbled me so much and I can’t wait to talk to you more about things you have been so generous in sharing with me.  I just wanted you to know that I absolutely will get back to each and every one of you as soon as I possibly can….it really just has been bonkers here (today is going to make a really funny blog post when I’ve recovered). Much love!

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ANH said...

I love that picture of Gracie among the tulips (two of my favorite things!). She is such a beautiful, wonderful girl (why wouldn't she be, with two beautiful and wonderful parents?!).

Anonymous said...

Those photos made me all damp eyed I tell you! She was the cutest of cute little girls and is a beautiful, beautiful person now, both in and out. What a lovely pledge! I am so proud of her as I am sure you all are too! We love you Gracie.

Facing Forward said...

To start, I just discovered your blog when in a low moment I googled 'surviving toddlerhood'!
I have a daughter, Grace, too:)
Except she is 2.75 yrs old (I think your other daughter is roughly this age?). And I adore her sweet, adorable ways, but I am W.I.P.E.D.!!
No one sent me the memo about THIS stage...!
I could do baby, breast milk, zero sleep, colic, etc eight ways 'til Sunday--bring it! But toddlerhood with it's 24/7 'ON', unpredictable tantrums, zero daily productivity AND no sleep (cannot get her to bed!)... well, my spirit is just about broken most days!!
And she is a good one. And my husband and I feel like we are doing a good job.
But they are just exhausting!
Will add--I am 41, husband 42.
Baby #2? Sure! Let's do it!
But toddler #2? Oh God...:/

So I applaud your great wit, amazing energy and that you signed on 5 times!
You are inspiring and I love your down-to-earth, real perspective on things.
Look forward to reading more:)

Ps-your daughter has become a beautiful little girl!