Start a new tradition this year! May Day baskets!

Happy May Day m’peeps. So here’s the thing. Every year I post my May Day recap a few days after the fact and every year someone says, “oh that’s such a great idea, I wish I’d seen this earlier so we could have done it too”.
So this year I’m posting recaps from days gone by for your inspiration (hopefully) and I’ll post the 2013 recap tomorrow. Sound good? I’m feeling FRIGHTENINGLY efficient as I completed all of our May Day baskets last night. Last. Night! Unprecedented my friends.  Ok so it doesn’t take a genius. Take some pretty, heavy weight crafting paper, roll it into a cone , staple. Fill with whatever you like. We usually put in some candy, some flower seeds and a few blooms with tissue paper for colour and filler. I used raffia for the handles this year, usually it’s ribbon but raffia is cheap and cute.  Just poke holes in the sides of the cone, attach a little label or card and there ya go.  Then go and hang them on the doors of your neighbours and friends. Yay! Fun!
Now the only complication is the delivery thereof as all of my stealthy delivery people are involved in every manner of extra curricular until well after dark. Le Sigh. Sad smile . I so hate it when they grow up and have their own lives. It’s a real inconvenience to me I tell you. We will have to take it in shifts I suppose..
Alrighty then…for your further inspiration and edification… a few shots of our baskets from years gone by.  As you can tell, they are never in any way elaborate partly because I’m just not that skilled, partly because I am almost always throwing about 20 of them together 30 minutes before we have to deliver them between soccer games and piano lessons…so yeah…what I’m saying is they are doable. So if you want to, you should.  It’s totally worth a little bit of hassle and mess when you are having a ball delivering them. I love this tradition and I love that no matter how busy we have been, we have always forged ahead with it.  Go ahead and make a new tradition. This is a fun one.

may day basket
This was the year we made chocolate flowers. That was fun and cute.
This year was a fun one.
These bees were our most elaborate. Ah life pre-travel soccer…how sweet you were..
In contrast: Last year. Um yeah. Can I call postpartum when she was a year old? Whatevs. Soccer. Soccer is always my go to excuse.
Hey…so  free to copy and use these labels. Sorry I’m not all fancy to give you a proper download. I don’t really have the time to figure that one out.  Just do it bundu-style and right click like I do.
Sneak peek of today. Finny and Gracie on their way to school (those one’s are for their teachers). It is SUCH a beautiful day! Happy May! Happy May!
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Anonymous said...

Lovely! As you may recall, here it is a public holiday, aka Workers Day. Got a kind of different twist to it, not as sweet. Maybe part of it is because we are entering winter rather than heralding in glorious summer, but hey, you know our winters. Not that horrendous!

ANH said...

They are so beautiful!!! What a wonderful tradition for the family. I admire you and Aaron for having so many family traditions. It's really so great.

And thank you for my May Day basket :) It brightened my day.

Amy said...

This chick is the best writer EVAH. Somebody left a May Day basket at our house yesterday too. Soo cool.

Moore Minutes said...

Love this!