The Finnster is NINE. An all inclusive bday report.

It’s hard to believe since he was 5 last week, but there you go. Nine. I know
One of the many things I love about Finny is that he knows what he wants. He isn’t much for hemming and hawing.  Has a clear vision and generally finds a way to execute it. He came to me a week before his birthday and said, “for my birthday party I’d like to see Iron Man and then have a Nerf battle.'” This translated to my ears as “I don’t need you to do anything but provide stuff to eat, mom” . Done aaaand done, my beloved son.
Next up was the guest list. Bar his two best friends, he wanted only his brother’s buddies on the guest list. Well they are his buddies too, but they’re quite a bit older than he is. We thought this was a bit strange at first, but he confidently insisted that it would be better this way.  Finny ‘aint dumb, man
I have always noticed that my kids generally seem to be having the least fun of all the guests at their parties until they get to about age 10.  I think it’s the stress of having to be “in charge”, explaining stuff, navigating social politics, dealing with the naysayers and the whiners, fighting the attention hogs for a little bit of the spotlight. You know how it goes. Your kids have had parties. They can be stressful for the birthday kid. But not when you’re Finny and your guest-list is compiled of  a group of older people who think you are cute and cool, who will accommodate you and cater to your whims rather than the other way around, who won’t sulk if they aren’t on the right team or whatever, and who are fast and fun and challenging. It’s brilliant really. I’ve never “hosted” an easier party. Thanks Finny. I owe you one, kid.
I think his gleeful little face peeking out here says it all, finny3
Like I said…Finny…not dumb. Knows what’s up.
I think he should be on the NERF packaging. He has that whole “intense action man” facial expression nailed.
How did there get to be a 9 here? Surely it’s a 6…yes that makes more sense.
We have the nicest, most generous friends. They took it upon themselves to get Finny’s very specific birthday wish list from him, and got him pretty much everything on it. And then some. I love how every birthday present opening photo always has siblings, front and center.
Ella was there having a ball, too.
The next day was Finny’s actual birthday.
In keeping with his low maintenance theme: fruity pebbles and cinnamon rolls (oh you know I slaved over those) were his special breakfast request.
It was Sunday so he did church with good grace (particularly since it was conference sunday and he had to sit in a chair quietly for two.whole hours.)
Eventually he was able to be reunited with his new toys. As you can tell, he took no time to change. Gabe was his willing lego building assistant.
Then it was time for a very decadent birthday dinner of “chili-mac” and canned pears. We threw in the broccoli, free. Every year. A choice of anything for dinner. Two cans and a box are his heart’s fondest desire.  Love that kid.
Oh and let us not forget the bubbly in a sugared glass. Gracie made a 2 tone one, just for him.
Dinner was followed by family fun in the park. Leaf boat racing
some balancing acts
Some cynical posing…(I totally meant for my camera to focus on the bark of the tree rather than his face by the way…totally intentional.)
Some pebble throwing
And then time for movies at home..and CAKE….
We love that kid. He is the coolest. Nine years running…

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and year ahead Finny dear. Grandpa started demanding Birthweek and even tried Birthmonth every time he had a birthday. Got away with Birthweek, but Birthmonth? No, you go too far. I tried the birthweek thing, but seeing as it is Mother's Day the week after, it does not seem to fly. Should have told you about this earlier so you could try and milk it too! You seem to have had a really cool party and week-end generally. We love you so much.

ANH said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Love that kid! These pictures are awesome!