Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

That’s if you go with today being the first day of the rest of my life. Then that works great. Doesn’t it?
(here’s an unrelated photo of our family from this summer. There. now you know what we looked like. Done and done. Haha.)
On Sunday I gave a lesson about the importance of record keeping. It’s one I felt well qualified to give. There are many things I am not, but this is one thing I am. I’m a dedicated historian. Obsessive even.  Nobody can deny. I can’t overstate the value having a record of the past has been in my life. Looking back is fun and nostalgic but it also helps us to learn from our mistakes and successes, inspire us and encourage us.  I have talked about my love of the timehop app. It gathers everything you have posted on the internet (social media sites)on this day in years past and then delivers it to your inbox for you to peruse and enjoy. This is fun. And nothing beats it for perspective.  I have been having a bit of a rough time of it lately. Actually Aaron and I both. It’s been an unfun phase of life. We have dubbed this year our Annus Horribilis which is a high faluten way of saying it has kind of kicked our butt.  But I have faith for the future, mostly thanks to timehop and my tendency to overshare online I discovered that last year this time, I was having a pretty sucky series of weeks and things turned out peachy in the end. Life is cyclical. Bad, challenging and tragic things happen, but good things do come after them. Every time. And life is going to get easier for us soon. Upon this I insist.
Another unrelated family photo from this Summer. (unrelated family photo. haha!) Now you know for sure what we looked like this Summer. I hope you are happy.
So this Summer I took a partially intentional break from blogging.  I didn’t ever think, NO MORE BLOGGING THIS SUMMER but it really just never felt like the right time. I wanted to just be there in the moment with my kids as much as possible and the rest of the time, I just did not have the energy. I’ve not been feeling optimal for a while now. We’re looking into that and I’m feeling faithful that I’ll be back to myself soon enough.
I’ve actually started several blog posts and then never got around to completing the deep thoughts I was having.I’ve had all sorts of life changing epiphanies lately. I’ve forgotten about them completely but they could have been life-changing.  Be thankful you were spared. But at least I have the drafts. For posterity and perspective.
But now. We are in this moment.  Summer is over. Well Summer break is over. I can no longer deny it. And I’m feeling the itch.  But contemplating all that I need to catch up on (through the OCD filter that is my mind) is discouraging and overwhelming.
So, like I counseled my lovely little class. We’ll start with what we have and where we are.  We’ll just focus on right now. Maybe I’ll catch up, (oh I do hope so!)  maybe I won’t. If the worst comes to the worst…we’ll always have facebook. And timehop.
That would be another family photo from this Summer. So now we’re all set.
Anyway so…well….that’s about it. I just wanted to post all this as a howdy and abridgement before I launch into today and henceforth and forever. …
I’ve missed you madly. Never leave me again.

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