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Hello Dahlings! I am coming up for air briefly. Yesterday I dedicated the entire day to school work-so much so that that I’m actually ahead (I know, I’m shocked too), so I’ve been having a photo editing day for one of my little gigs-taking photos for the BGSU Men’s Soccer team at their home games.  All day long, I have been sifting through hundreds of photos of athletic young men playing really good soccer.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…..sigh. (by the way, if you are in BG you should come to the next game on 10/8-admission is free.. and we usually tailgate beforehand.)
I have been meaning to catch up on Ella for ages now but I’ve been so busy and the prospect of it was overwhelming since I have so much to share about her and sooo many adorable pictures.
She is going through SUCH a delightful stage (til I just jinxed it) right now and I’m aching to share her with everyone I know!  During my soccer editing, I just came across these shots of her playing on the deck the other evening and I was compelled.  Here’s a little glimpse of her sweetness.
This is the “cozy coupe” that Benj got when he turned two. 13 years later, his two year old little sister is loving it just as much as he did..
Gabe just came in from outside where they were playing and said, “mom she abuses me! She has been trying to stuff my entire body into that little red car!”  You know he is loving it.
She is such a sweet little personality! A few things she loves these days:
*Playing in her kitchen especially with play dough.  She will play quietly in her playroom for ages and if she catches me watching her she gets all embarrassed and makes suggestions of what I could be doing instead. She LOVES to bake especially the egg cracking part and suggests that we “make” every.single. day.  My favourite part is when she refers to the oil as “happle dooce” she is always very insistent on adding the happle dooce.
*She still loves the iPhone but definitely prefers real toys and puzzles to the online version now.  Her current favs to watch on netflix lately are: “Tigey” (Daniel Tiger), “Oso” (Special Agent Oso) and she has just discovered the delights of “Puppy” (Lady and the Tramp)
*SQUIDES!  We were at the store a while ago and she was just murmuring to herself so quietly and sweetly, when I finally tuned in to her I noticed her face was just radiantly glowing. She had spotted a Barbie doll with her own miniature“squide” and she could barely speak for joy. She has no interest in the Barbie doll, but the squide..it is everything.  I almost never buy my kids anything when they are around, or for a non-occasion, because I don’t want them getting any ideas…but if you think I could walk away without the Barbie squide on that occasion, then clearly you must think that I am made out of stone.  I took video of us opening the box and putting it together with her ecstatic commentary. It is very, very sweet.
* Letters and numbers. She loves counting everything. She has mastered (mostly) the alphabet song and is always spelling things out to us. They must be in another language though Winking smile .  She is finally allowing me to read her books and I can’t get enough of it! Her current favs are The Very Hungry Caterpillar (although she prefers to skip straight to the junk food “chokit caaayke” pages) and the same Sesame Street alphabet series Benj loved and learned to read letters from before he was 18 months old.  Her favourite is definitely “C is for Cookie”.
*Her family. Every morning when she wakes up she asks me where each member of the family is. When I tell her she smiles sweetly like, “Aw…Gabe…at school…I love him.” “Aw….Daddy..at work…that guy is so cool”  “Beej playing SocAH GAAAYME?….I miss his smile” “Gaycie…I wish she was here so we could dance to music in our room”  “Fee? Gosh he makes me laugh! Her daily roll call is so precious. She is finally acknowledging herself. She used to just smile enigmatically when we would ask, “and where Ella?” . Now she points to herself and says very matter of factly. “I right here”.  She is so loving, and happiest when everyone is home together.
*Mimi Mouse (“Mimi Moowwwse”) is still her most favourite toy, but she’s a huge fan of building with legos, and drawing.  She has this habit of sticking her teeth out of her mouth and her finger into her nose when she is shy. It’s really charming.
*Bread and cheese is her latest fav. She also likes graham crackers (which she calls “snack” thanks to nursery at church I believe). She loves oranges and happles (on occasion) but isn’t as fond of bobo (yogurt tubes) or strawbewwies anymore. Pakes (pancakes) are a hot fav too-mostly because she can help make them, and naturally anything “chokit” related particularly “skeem cone” . Her eating is still mighty sketchy but she manages to keep body and soul together and remain cheerful.  I have faith that one day…one glorious day……everything will come together in that department
*Laughing, giggling, chuckling and squealing with excitement, pretty much the entire time she is together with her siblings. They have a mutually entertaining relationship and there is no mood so moody that it cannot be broken by her charms.
At (alllmost) two and a half (in a few days) she brings us so much joy and constantly delights us with her outrageous cuteness.
PS: Just as I posted this I got word that a post of mine just went live on the very snazzy What to Expect site! Wouldn’t you know it’s about Ella and my somewhat conflicted feelings regarding the toddler do-over late (r ) in life. PLEASE check it out!
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Anonymous said...

Please, what is a Barbie squide? She has truly become a beautiful little girl. High cheek bones and dimples! Totally irresistable! As for the Cozy Coupe, good toys last forever and bring endless joy.