This one goes out to my fellow students

Hi guys. What up?
I’ve gone a bit off the grid lately, more on that another time (maybe) but I did want to come out of hibernation briefly to tell my fellow studenty type people about something potentially life changing. Financially that is. Prepared to be amazed and delighted. Trust me.
A while ago reached out to me to tell me about their services. Within reading the first couple of lines of their pitch I was sold.  Anyone who figures out a way to save money on hugely expensive textbooks is alright with me, but these guys take it a step further. They have partnered up with the wonderful charity,  Operation Smile and are committed to donating a minimum of 80 life saving cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need.
I don’t do reviews unless I can really get behind what I’m reviewing but this one was a no brainer. Because I’m a student, obviously yes, but also because several people in our family were born with a cleft lip, and are now living normal healthy lives thanks to great medical care which so many kids can’t access. 
Ok so renting textbooks rather than buying? Um,  AWESOME! You’re a student so you’re smart therefore I assume I don’t need to tell you why, but I’m going to anyway. When you rent through Campus Book Rentals you:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-get free shipping both ways
- choose flexible renting periods
- are part of something wonderfully philanthropic and lifesaving since they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented. (Good karma=big bonus).
Here’s another silly to some,  but not silly to me part of this deal I’m loving.  I’m somebody who is obsessed with highlighting-I know, I know it’s not scientifically proven to be helpful and blahblahblah but truly, I cannot comprehend scholarly information without a highlighter in hand, it helps me to focus, no question. Which brings us to a problem with renting. When you’re renting you can’t exactly be highlighting every other word in fluorescent pink, right? Wrong!  CampusBookRentals gets those of us with highlighter fetishes, and they are cool with it. Go ahead and highlight for all they care. Every colour of  the rainbow!
Here’s a cute little video explaining exactly how it works.  I’m sorry but I think this freaking rocks.

But wait it gets EVEN BETTER.  I’m not lying. It does. They have figured out a way so that you, yourself can become a textbook landlord-yes, you can start making money on any textbooks you have already bought by renting them out to other people.  Which means you are making money rather than losing money on those crazy expensive texts. Two to four times as much in fact.  Your textbook-an investment-whoduthunkit?! Can it be true? It’s so true! This dude explains it quite succinctly. My fav part:  “putting the business of textbooks into the hand of students”. YES. Power to the PEOPLE.  Love. Check out

So if you are a student or you know a student or your kid is a student, or you’re thinking of becoming a student, or you just like to reading textbooks by the fire on cold winter’s nights, hit them up.  (If you are a blogger who wants to spread the word, let me know and I’ll connect you guys).
Later, gators.
I was compensated for this post,  as always the opinions I express here and anywhere else for that matter, are always genuine and 100% my very own. Smile

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I once did an article on Operation Smile and the work they do is awesome! Well done. As for your renting company, they sound wonderful. Wish ALL my kids had known about them because I have text books abandoned by one of you in various hidey holes in my house that frankly could have been put to better use. If they were rentals, once the use is over, ADIOS! Wonderful!!!! Wish I was in your part of the world to rent them out. Probably too old and out of date now. Another reason NOT to buy!