While we are on the subject of perspective

And how it can make the ho-hum suddenly seem insanely crazily brilliant-Have you seen this Volvo ad?! It was apparently shot in one take, at sunset in Spain. It literally takes my breath away every time I watch it.  Incredible!!

Another crazily brilliantly awesome thing that might keep you from going insane. When I was in the middle the final part of the last thing I had to do this quarter when suddenly, I somehow, in a split second highlighted my entire work and DELETED IT!!! Noooooo!!! It was all original thought, I had not saved it and it was on Blackboard so no “undo” tool or at least not that I knew of!  I was really tired too. I know this is going to shock you but I did not take it stoically.
Gabe heard my tortured strangled wail of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And came hurrying to the scene to ask me what the matter was.  I babbled about having deleted everything and he calmly said…”stop! Don’t do anything!”  Then he clicked a couple of keys are the keyboard and it ALL. CAME. BACK. I have never loved that angelic, brilliant child more.  So I am going to pass this on to anyone else who may not know that the following command will act as an UNDO:  CNTRL Z! Write it down and put it on a sticky note! Did I mention I love this kid?
Yes I know that this post is not any of the posts I promised in my epic manic download yesterday but I still felt the need to share.  Because I think I love you.
Happy Friday!

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Nancy said...

omgoodness, I didn't even know it was a pre-existing ad, and yet I recognized the greatness when I posted this: http://artjail.com/vanford

Nancy said...

I don't think it would have mattered, but when I posted this... I had no idea where it came from.

Nancy said...

I thought this was real... http://artjail.com/vanford

Nancy said...

bershgalI thought this was real... http://artjail.com/vanford

Johnny Montezuma said...

Control Z has been a Dear Friend for many years. There is very little that Control Z can't do to save me from myself on the computer.

Unfortunately, Control Z can't take back something stupid I do when I am NOT on the computer. I dearly wish there was a Control Z for Real Life but, alas, we must simply carry on.