Mental Health Monday: Natural remedies for depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD and hormonal disturbances


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Welcome back to Mental Health Monday!  In keeping with my current obsession with using essential oils for keeping my family free of the dreaded lurgy’s that lurk around every corner this time of year, and given that depression season is in full swing,  I thought I would find out what they could do for mental health and share a bit with you today.
Ah yes friend, I see you looking guarded over there and wondering whether my next review will be for birkenstocks or for tie-dye.  That’s cool. You can be skeptical, I was too. But people! This is not just hippy dippy patchouli oil and incense anymore!  This stuff is really powerful and I think that in this time of over-processed chemical everything, it’s so exciting that more and more people are catching the vision of that. 
These oils are certified,  endorsed by medical Dr.’s and backed by serious scientific studies and they are often more effective than the scary stuff concocted in labs with horrible side effects. I think this is such good news. 
I chose the list of disorders in the title because I personally struggle with each of those things but the list of conditions which essential oils can treat has no end. Go ahead and google for yourself. I got most of my information from this awesome site. It’s very comprehensive and user-friendly.
I have only recently started using oils specifically for emotional and mental balance and so my testimonials can’t hold a ton of weight but there are countless really persuasive ones out there and fingers crossed I will soon be able to add my story to them. 
I have however, been incredibly impressed in the short time I have been using them for these purposes so far they appear to be working wonders. Thought I would give you a quick run-down on some of the essential oil that can be used for these disorders
*****These oils are widely available but naturally I recommend doTERRA oils because the are CPT grade (certified pure therapeutic) grade, which means they are extremely pure, free from harmful additives and they are undiluted and very potent. This means that a little bit (i.e one drop) is often all you need for these benefits.  Compared to other oils I have used, well… there is no comparison. I want them all and I want everyone I know to have them all.
Back to treating mental health issues with essential oil. This was (depressing) news to me:

In March 2006, the Washington Post ran an article from a $35 million dollar government-funded study on depression drugs with these facts: “Antidepressants fail to cure the symptoms of major depression in half of all patients with the disease even if they receive the best possible care” according to a definitive government study. Source
Sadly, I believe it. I am a huge advocate of getting medication when you need it but I can’t deny that it’s sometimes hard to find the one that does the trick. Many people struggle with residual symptoms of depression despite being treated. Until recently I was one of them, and there is no guarantee that my current medications will continue to be effective long-term. The hormones and chemicals which contribute to depression are prone to change.  This is another reason why I’m so excited to have found a wide variety of proven natural alternatives to experiment with to bolster the effectiveness of my medications. Note: I don’t dispute those who have found them to be every bit as effective or more effective than pharmaceuticals but for the sake of full disclosure: I’m still on my medications with no immediate plans to wean.
Depression is a serious health condition. If you are struggling with untreated chemical depression or your meds are not working well for your symptoms:
1. Please seek professional help as soon as possible and follow their treatment plan precisely. Always tell them about any supplements and oils you intend to take or are currently taking. Never ever stop taking any medication without consulting your care provider first.
2. Try these. They are safe and natural without harmful side effects when used as directed:
Single Oils:  Bergamot , Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Melissa, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang
DoTerra  Oil Blends commonly used for depression: Serenity, Balance, Elevation, PastTense and Citrus Bliss.
Suggested methods of use:  These can be diffused using an oil diffuser, applied topically to the soles of the feet or the chest or used in bath water.
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Anxiety is yucky, and most of us experience it from time to time. Sometimes it is acute and sometimes it is that free floating sense of unrest, I have had great success using some of these oils to relax and ground me.   Panic attacks can come without warning, for me they are rare but when they happen it’s always in the middle of the night, I wake up and feel one coming on, (for me it’s the sensation of cold water being poured slowly from the top of my head down) and they escalate quickly so I keep some of these next to my bed so I can just nip it in the bud.
Single Oils: Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Melissa
DoTerra Oil Blends: Serenity, Aroma Touch, Elevation, Balance, Breathe, PastTense
Diffuse these for aromatherapy and rub a drop or two into your wrists and chest during the day. At night rub into the soles of feet. You can also put lemon and orange in your water and drink throughout the day (this is good for sooooo many things). You can either rotate the above oils and blends or pick a favourite to use. For a panic attack place a few drops in a small cup and inhale it directly. Of course adding any of these to bath water would be beneficial not to mention luxurious.
I included insomnia in the mix here because I’m a lifelong sufferer and because lack of sleep often leads to depression and/or anxiety, makes ADD worse and can wreak havoc with your hormone balance. Likewise, all of those conditions can cause insomnia. Either way insomnia=bad
Coconut Oil pulling: I have found that I have been sleeping infinitely better since beginning oil pulling. It has a ton of other benefits…another post for another day. So definitely try it if you aren’t doing so already.
Single Oils: Clary Sage (take 1-3  drops internally in a capsule or under your tongue before bed), frankincense, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, wild orange, ylang ylang, vetiver
DoTerra Blends: Serenity, Balance, Slim and Sassy
Options for use: diffuse, cup and inhale, dilute and spritz on your pillow using a spray bottle, use with a carrier oil like coconut for a pre-bed body massage or rub into soles of feed. I have been putting a drop or two vetiver in water and drinking it and despite not having much sleep the last few days (due to my insistence in staying up way too late) I have woken up with far more energy than I deserve.  I have not tried the blends yet but a lot of people find Balance and Serenity amazingly effective for kids. Needless to say I’ll be ordering those for Ella in short order.
ADD/ADHD(also for children on the autism spectrum)
These oils, particularly vetiver have been found to be extremely effective for treating adults and children with ADD, ADHD and those on the autism spectrum.
A 2001 study by Dr. Terry Friedman found that smelling vetiver essential oil improved the performance of children with ADD and ADHD by 100 percent. These results were much stronger than lavender's performance increase of 53 percent and cedarwood's of 83 percent. Source
I have a pretty severe case of ADD.  The psychologist who conducted the testing kindly responded to me when I asked him if the results were normal, “Um yes…but we’d expect to see these with a normal five year old”.  ADD can really be a double edged sword. Brains labeled as ADD are quite marvelous in many ways. Most of the time I don’t think of it as a disorder so much as a different wiring of the brain that doesn’t jive well with what is considered functional in our society. Sadly I find myself needing to be functional in our society and often frustrated by my differently wired brain.  Hormonal changes definitely seem to affect it and I have been going through a severely ADD stage lately and had started to complain to my husband that it seems that I will have to try a higher dose of the medications I am on (ugh!!!!!!) I have been using vetiver and Intune for literally 3 days and already I notice an undeniable difference. Case in point (I just realized this..) I’ve managed to churn out 3 blog posts in the last 3 days! I am hoping that with continued use I can manage to keep my dose where it is and eventually even wean from ADD meds. I have also noticed since using these oils that when my meds wear off I have not had the irritability and overstimulation which I usually experience. That’s a relief to all of us.
Single oils: Vetiver, lavender, frankincense
Blends: Intune, Balance, Serenity
User recommendations:
Before bed: Balance, Serenity, Vetiver, Lavender & Frankincense on the soles of feet.  (Each or all)
In the morning: In Tune on the spine (I put it on the back of my neck) and Balance, Vetiver and Frankincense on the base of the skull with a little Lavender on top.
In the evening: Diffusing Lavender and Balance
Put a drop of Vetiver between  thumb and index finger to smell when you really need to focus
You can also try making this Peaceful Child Blend (with the terrible threes almost upon us, not to mention all the prepubescent and adolescents scurrying around this place, I’m going to be mixing this stuff up in vats):
Peaceful Child Blend
•  18 drops Vetiver
•  10 drops Ylang Ylang
•  7 drops Frankincense
•  5 drops Clary Sage
•  3 drops Marjoram
•  12 drops Fractionated coconut oil
Blend in a roll on bottle and apply to bottoms of feet and on the brain/ spinal reflex points of the feet right after showering in the morning.

Check this link for other application instructions and testimonials

And finally let’s look at the root of all evil:
Hormonal disruptions.
My hormones have been all kinds of whack on and off for as long as I can remember.  It’s a total trip. Like the one where you miss your plane and then they put you on another one but not before they lose your luggage and you are hijacked and you crash-land left on a deserted island at least you think it’s deserted but then you find out you are sharing it with a bunch of cannibals who let you live only because you give them all the chocolate from the plane (leaving you with NONE) and when you swim to shore and crawl across a desert and hitchhike home through a jungle full of guerrilla terrorists and then when you get home you find that the door is locked and you’ve lost your key somewhere in the ocean (and you TOTALLY need to go to the loo…).
I’m not really mad at my body though. One can’t blame it after all. I guess some hormonal craziness is going to happen when you have a bunch of babies one after the other and then you wait for most of a decade and then you have another one just when your body is starting to think that maybe it was all over..and there’s all the gaining and losing of weight and eating of junk food full of crazy chemicals and sleeping weird hours and having too much stress and  taking medications and living the polluted world. So basically, everyone is going to have them at some time or another. All the same, they suck and it’s better when things are in balance. So here is some fascinating information regarding the use of essential oils to help with that.
Single Oils: rose, geranium, clary sage, citrus oils for decreasing toxicity, frankincense, oregano, thyme, peppermint, ginger, ylang ylang, lavender, roman chamomile, white fir, lemongrass, rosemary,
DoTerra Oil Blends: Solace (this is a specific blend to balance hormones and manage symptoms of PMS), Balance, ClaryCalm, Serenity, Elevation, Solace, Digestzen.
Refer to this page for the best ways to make use of these oils to address hormonal symptoms.
I’m dying to know if you have any marvelous essential oil tales or testimonials of your own? I can’t get enough of learning about this stuff!
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