Project Reconnect

You guys! Thank you for the warm and generous welcome back to the land of blogging. Especially given what you had to work with! That post was such a marathon. I was literally just randomly clicking on photos and and stream of conscious rambling forever and a day and…yet several of you read it all the way to the end. That’s some human kindness right there and I appreciate it so much.
But hitting post on that behemoth was the best therapy. I really felt like I was coming up for air for the first time in a long time.  I can’t say I’ve been depressed, I’ve actually been feeling pretty stable lately. I’ve just been..absent. Like I can’t quite remember what I’ve been doing, where I’ve been. It’s the weirdest sensation that I can’t even articulate.  I’ve been busy as can be. Anxiously engaged. Focused.  But still that weird disconnect.
But today, I have a blog post up and that felt good. It felt like me.
Then I figured I would exercise because it’s been…forever.  I was suitably careful but I got a nice sweat going and that felt good. It felt like me.  I’m making a goal to exercise however briefly for at least 5 days a week  every week of August.  Brief being the operative word. I can do that. I must do that. I need a challenge.
And since the whole random, oversharing blogging thing felt so good yesterday I  figured, let’s keep a good thing going shall we?  Why the heck not?  Last night in my picture perusal I saw a few I wanted to share that did not fit in with the “cool stuff we did in July theme”.  Mostly from Spring and again…totally random. I ’m trying to keep my hand in there whilst actively trying to overcome my OCD perfectionist tendencies of picking just the right photos and editing them and putting them in the right order. So now you have some mediocre shots, minimal editing for no rhyme or reason…let’s call it therapy….bear with me.
She calls the scooter her roller-skate.
IMG_2593 IMG_2596
IMG_2784  IMG_3226
Escapee balloons on Finny’s birthday. I still need to do that post don’t I? ;)
Benj’s team after the most exciting soccer game I have ever seen. They were absolute underdogs who finally won against the 3 year state reigning championships after an 8 shot PK shoot-out. I mean….
IMG_3491   IMG_2326 IMG_2218 IMG_2221
The face of sheer mind over matter. I miss challenging myself like this.
Peek a BOO. She still believes that if her eyes are covered, I can’t see her. Every time I leave the room and return she has her eyes covered and I have to say, “oh no! Where did Ella go?”
 IMG_3205 IMG_3204
She calls her toys, her “fwends”. I find this sad and endearing at the same time. She really needs to start preschool….and get some cousins closer by ;) But truly, I have never seen a kid so deeply committed to their toys before. She can entertain herself with them for hours.
IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2629
Benj’s induction to the national french honour society.
Gracie and Miah after their orchestra concert and Gabe and Ryland, the orchestral jokers getting ready to perform.
IMG_2429  IMG_2689
Signs of Spring…just in time for the end of Summer…IMG_2684 IMG_2686 I liked the first day of August. It was a good day.   Goodnight friends.

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