September Stuff

Hellloooooo! September is here and despite my delusions of preschool induced organizational grandeur  this is the first opportunity I’ve had to blog.

Speaking of preschool…here’s the girl on her big debut day now..


This was the first time I made a crayon teacher vase instead of a pencil vase. It was fun and cute and had to be reassembled twice between front door and school door. We were a *tad* late.  Here’s a tip: put a rubber band UNDER as well as over the crayons, this gives them something to grip on or they will just neatly slide off like a little crayon sleeve (trust me, it happened..twice)


Clearly she was nervous and unsure about school..

IMG_0012 IMG_0013 

It’s so cool to have another kid at school with Muss Cindi! Can’t believe it’s been like…a lot of years.

IMG_0022 IMG_0023 

So far September has been crazy but never let it be said that I don’t take time to stop and smell the..sunsets. Last night I was on a pilgrimage to BigLots to get coat hangers. When I noticed this little piece of sublime. I pulled into the parking lot  of the school and enjoyed it for a few minutes. I mean come on now. How depressing to think I might have been poring over plastic tube hangers if I had not looked to my right at that stop sign.  When I drove into the parking lot of the store I felt so bad for the people there, knowing what they had missed. Guys! watch more sunsets. I always feel like they are love letters from God.

IMG_0045 IMG_0049 IMG_0050


I whine a lot about how having another kid so long after the others has really messed with my mojo but there are perks. Like having another shot at dressing another little girl and finding the perfect matching hair accessory.  If you’re going to be shallow about it.


From my run this morning. Right before i took this shot, I got stung on the BUM by a bee or a wasp or satan himself. I don’t know but it HURT and I took great offense at being attacked from the rear AND in the rear, unarmed and unprovoked WHILST running. It just seems so many different kinds of wrong. However! I resolved not to let it deter me from my run. I went back to my car and got some lavender oil on the posterior area which took the edge off and then I went back to running. I discovered that when I ran faster it hurt less so I ended up having my fastest run in a while. Take that SATAN’S STINGING MINION!!!


This spider is dedicated to its work


A spider mansion. Not even a mcMansion.  All the other spiders are hoping for an invite to this sweet pad.


This didn’t happen in September technically but on Sunday we went to some friend’s house and the kids got to jam a little bit which is pretty much one of my favourite things  of all time, ever…so here’s a pic of that for your viewing pleasure. Also? How handsome are my big boys? 


and my smaller boy too…for that matter.. (taken as he was regaling me about some of his september related stuff…)


Oh! And heree are some pretty September clouds reflected in our sweet new ride. Oh we bought a van today.  As one does when one is about to make an international move… (my wrecking of our car was so well timed was it not? Gah).


Speaking of which…I’m pretty sure we have a New Plan regarding Moving To South Africa which I totally plan to update you all on tomorrow so tune in for that…..but right now I have to hit publish and brush people’s teeth and replace the dried out contact lens that popped out of my eye during family prayers and other glamourous and important things like that. Sooooo…happy September. May it be heavy on sublime sunsets and light on satanic stinging events.

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Sisters from Another Mister said...

Oh dear, your poor posterior!
And you carried on going, my goodness!
BTW, that webthingy I believe is a webworm ... and it kills off the part of the tree.
So you will not be killed by a giant spider on your next run ...