Pumpkin Patch~ 2014 Edition

Check it out!We got the shot! One more year!
So in what seems to have become a tradition of its own, I was not really feeling the pumpkin patch this year, on the appointed day I was beyond stressed and didn’t have the gumption to motivate everyone else into going. I told Aaron that we’d just put it off and make it happen another day, and if it didn’t happen, then so be it. I reasoned that the house was a mess and the kids had homework and I really didn’t care that much to force it, since Ella would be going with her preschool and yada yada.
And Aaron was like, “yeah right ok it’s a beautiful day and everyone is home..we’re going so you don’t cry about this later.”  And all the kids including Benj were like, “what do you MEAN you don’t care, um this is what we DO mom, see I even put on an orange shirt!” And I was like..what the heck happened here? I thought I was finally the c’est la vie mom they wished I was. I swear Gracie even got teary when I said I didn’t mind what colour shirt everyone wore and asked me why I didn’t care about the family anymore.  So yeah..all those years when I said “hey you guys let’s go to the pumpkin patch” and everyone said, “why” and I said “because this is what we do in October, it’s a cherished family tradition” and they answered “really? When did we start going to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard/insert cherished family tradition that we do every single year?”, they have finally come full circle.  It was strangely satisfying.  And a bit weird.
Of course as soon as we got to the pumpkin patch and started inhaling fresh hot cinnamon sugar donuts (which were plentiful this year, hooray!) and my kids were goofing around with each other and laughing hysterically and making me laugh hysterically, I was totally grateful that my husband is a selfless hero and knows me better than I know myself because this might be the last pumpkin patch trip in Sayer Family history and it was a good one.
We couldn’t get her to sit here last year but check out this year and the year before, for how cute this little series is. How sweet is she?
I cannot get enough of this boy’s laugh.  Truly it is the best.
How I love seeing them all in one frame…
I love everything about this picture
Another random tradition.
Ready, set…go.  Or if you are Ella, stand back wisely and observe.
Big pumpkins and little pumpkins
greatpumpkin pumpkinselection
She is just so delighted by this kind of thing. Every time I get the blah’s about how demanding it is to have a little person again I think of moments like these and feel grateful.
ellsbells ellsbells2
Guys.  It’s just 11 days before I get on a plane and leave these handsome men for  whole month. Gulp.  My heart. The thing is, I trust these boys a lot. They are self motivated and responsible. They are totally self sufficient, I’m not worried about them in their day to day functioning but oh I will miss them. So much. I really enjoy their company. And yeah, I do worry that they might get sick or sad and I won’t be there but I’m trying to remind myself that they will have some good bonding time with Aaron who will finally have some time to really focus on just them and is the best dad ever. Oh how I will miss HIM.
The wagon pulling part might be her favourite..
ellawagon ellawagon2
This is Finny’s goofy smile. It drives me crazy but I don’t have any other good close ups of him.  Good thing he is cute even when he is being a goof. And  there’s my beautiful Gracie.  I’m really glad that I get to take these two with me at least. I think we sometimes take for granted how responsible and helpful and altogether awesome they are.  I am so excited slash nervous for this new adventure for them I am so thrilled that they will get to spend some time in “every day” life with extended family and get to know them better. They both really feel the lack of that and love my family. And I still can’t get a grip on the surreal excitement of seeing them go to my old school. I am so hoping they love it as much as I did.
funnyfinny gracie
I can’t decide which of these two faces is funnier. Exasperated cow or manic preschooler.
beefy    crazyella
Pensive pumpkin picker..
This kid really is so cool. He was interviewed on the radio with his coach about his soccer team yesterday and I was really impressed with his poise and confidence.  I’m always amazed at how much he gets done and how well he does it all.  Even though he’s really driven and goal oriented  he’s totally low key about it. He just gets it done man. No drama. He’s his father’s child.  Which makes him almost perfect. (But his room is a disaster).
We always visit the bunnies and reminisce about our sweet Thumper. I miss that crazy bunny.
Told you I couldn’t get enough of this giggly face. He is the most adorable child is he not?
It’s kind of unfair how beautiful Ohio is in October….since we’re leaving November 1st.
Thank you pumpkin patch for another wonderful afternoon and so many happy memories. This may or may not be the end of an era. It’s been an awesome era.

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Heather K said...

I SO SO SO love this tradition of yours. You are right, October Ohio is just stunning which will make the leaving even harder in T-10 days EEEEEK!!!!
However, there are some GREAT BIG FAT Extended Family (and a certain IHATCF hanger on) traditions waiting to be initiated here in Sunny SA. No polar vortex, sunshine and poolside Christmas day, quiet Joburg as everyone goes to the coast...sound good??